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Simply put, the world tournament is the Olympics of Chinese martial arts. Held every three to four years in a prestigious city around the world, the World Kuoshu (Kung-Fu) Championships gathers the best martial artists from nations worldwide to compete for the greatly revered title of World Champion. By winning 1st place in their divisions at the US Nationals this past July, these individuals have secured a spot on the US National team in either full contact fighting (lei tai) or forms. Having produced the most National champions, Grandmaster Buckley and Master Newman have been selected as the USA National coaches for their seventh and fourth time respectively!The World Tournament is scheduled from May 13-15 2022 in Rome, Italy. The best martial artists in the world will compete in forms, weapons, two-man sets, and full contact lei tai fighting for gold, silver, bronze medals. There will be an award for Best Nation to the country whose athletes accumulate the highest combined number of gold, silver, and bronze medals in both forms and fighting competition. The USA Team has won the Best Nation award in the last five world tournaments, and Bok Fu Do team members are playing a part in securing a sixth for the USA!